Katelin is a wonderful lady and doula,i was so worried about getting a doula because i was wondering how i was going to get comfortable having someone i have just met in my delivery room but katelin made sure to meet with me and my husband several times and she was open and so friendly that it made us feel like we had known her for a very long time.Being a first time mom ,i was so clueless about what to expect and what i wanted my birth to look like,using questionaires and one on one conversations she helped me arrive at a birth plan,she even typed out one for me!

I had a non-medicated birth with an ob/gyn in a hospital!!!! and i will attribute my success majorly to katelin.she helped encouraged me to keep on when i almost threw in the towel to get an epidural however she also tried to help me understand i wouldnt be a failure if i did get an epidural,the way she balanced her encouragement between what i have always wanted(no epidural) and what i may need then (not feeling bad if i get an epidural) was amazing. Her suggestions on what to request from my doctors and hospital nurses where very helpful. She even suggested to my husband to get a blindfold during my pushing phase since he is hemophobic and this was genius as it enabled me have my husband in there for support but not have him pass out.

Did I mention that Katelin was still training when i used her so i didn’t pay her a dime and i received first class services??There is a lot more to say but in a nutshell, she is phenomenal and i totally recommend her.